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Python vs. Java

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Programming languages ​​are a fundamental part of computer science. Python and Java are battling for the top spot on the most popular programming languages. Python has made amazing progress in the last few years, and Java remains on its position.

Define Python vs. Java.

There are many similarities between Python and Java. Both languages compile the byte code, but Python (usually) is compiled at run time. Python is a more productive language than Java.

Python and Java both are object-oriented high-level programming languages. Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum during 1985- 1990.

While Java was developed by Sun Micro system in 1995.

Python vs. Java Typing.

Python is a dynamic-typed general-purpose programming language. The initial development of Python began in a research institution in the Netherlands.

While Java is a statically typed general purpose programming language, it is a concurrent language. It was meant to be WORA (write once run anywhere) language.

Python is an Interpreted Language, and Java is a Compiled Language.

Key Differences Between Python vs. Java.

Now let's take a look at the important difference between Python and Java.


Python is slower because it is an interpreted language, and also it determines the types of data at run time.

Whereas Java is faster than Python in terms of speed. Whenever the speed of projects matters, Java is the best one.


There is less problem of legacy in Python, so the organization knows the difficulty of the script to copy and paste the code.

While the history of Java in enterprise and its slightly more coding style mean that the Java legacy system is usually larger and larger than Python.

Practical Dexterity

Python has always had an existence in the talent space and has a popularity for many reasons, including Data Science movement.

JAVA has gained more undeviating refactoring support than Python for its static type system and universality in the development of IDE.

Easy to Use

Python codes are shorter than java. It follows dynamic programming.

While Java is not easy to use as compared to python because there is no dynamic programming.


Python only takes two lines of code. It makes Python a better language.

While Java is very functional compared to Python, there are ten lines of code to read from a file in Java.


In Python, a statement does not need a semicolon to end.

While in Java, at the end of the statement if you miss a semicolon, it throws an error.


Python’s database access layers are weaker than java database connectivity.

While java database connectivity is most popular and widely used to connect with the database.


Python is also portable, but in front of java, it is not popular.

While due to the high popularity of Java, Java Virtual Machine is available almost everywhere.

Conclusion of Python vs. Java.

From the above discussion on Python vs. Java, we can conclude that both languages ​​of Python and Java have their advantages. It depends on you that you choose a particular language for your project. Where Python is simple, Java is quick and more portable.

Both Python and Java are powerful in their respective areas. Both Python and Java are related to access, so it is best for companies, departments, and developers to keep the mind open when it comes to making decisions.

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