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Do you enjoy reading motivational books? but aren't sure where to start? Then there's a book by an upbeat American novelist for you. Pauling Joyce Meyer is the subject of my discussion. She is an American charismatic Christian author whose net worth is nearly $8 million dollars.

Joyce Meyer is 78 years old and was born on June 4, 1943. She stands 1.71 metres tall and weighs 60 kg.

Meyer completed her studies at O'fallon technical high school, which is located in her hometown, and then went on to obtain a doctorate in technology from Life Christian University, which is located in Florida.

Joyce's father was a military man and after his return from the army, she was abused s by her father and later by her first husband not just sexually but mentally and emotionally. She was able to forgive these folks because of God's Word. Joyce has survived breast cancer. She believes and teaches that regardless of a person's previous errors or background, God has a place for them and can assist them on their journey to appreciating daily life. She did not give up despite the abuse she had received from their loved ones.

She began her professional life as a bible teacher and speaker. She became one of North America's best-selling authors in the late 1990s, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide. Not only that, but she is also the founder and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and her minister's headquarters located near St.louis, Missouri, and a member of Savior's Lutheran church. Meyer also began airing radio broadcasts every day for her ministers. She authored over 100 books in many languages for anyone seeking to understand and be rehabilitated through Jesus Christ. and after all those inspiring books she has been honoured by a doctorate of divinity from oral Robert university that is in Oklahoma. After that, she became a famous Christian speaker around the world.

Joyce has garnered the fury of people and her detractors for being too extravagant and enjoying an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, despite the tremendous work she has done for society.

There are thousands of novels written by her but don't worry, we've compiled a list of the top ten inspiring books for you.

Final words

I have discussed everything about JOYCE MEYER’s life. Thus, I hope that this blog will become very helpful for you and it will also clear all your doubts regarding it.

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